Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Each week, enjoy three vegetarian meal kit recipes on our Signature menu (two servings per recipe).
Starting at $7.99 a serving

Looking for vegetarian meal prep made simple?

Blue Apron’s vegetarian meal kits give you easy, meatless recipes that celebrate the best of seasonal produce and high-quality ingredients you can feel good about—all delivered right to your door.


Choose your vegetarian meal kits

Select meals from a weekly menu of easy-to-follow recipes. We generally have three delicious vegetarian recipes to choose from each week.

Receive your meal kit ingredients

We deliver fresh, seasonally inspired produce, straight to your door.

Enjoy incredible vegetarian dinners

Our vegetarian meal delivery kits help save time, are easy to make, and are cooked from scratch.


When it comes to variety and flexibility, Blue Apron delivers. Pick your plan—you can change it each week.


This menu has everything—including what you’ll find on the Wellness and Vegetarian meal plans. Mix it up with meat, fish, WW™ Recommended, and more health-conscious offerings with two servings per recipe.

Vegetarian for 2

Meat-free dishes made with fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These vegetarian meals are created with or without dairy products*, honey and/or eggs. These vegetarian meal kits can also be found on the Signature plan.

Wellness for 2

Balanced, nutritionist-approved recipes designed for your holistic health, including carb-conscious and WW™ Recommended options. These meals can also be found on the Signature plan.

Signature for 4

Recipes for families or get-togethers, with a variety of options that change weekly, including meat, fish, and health-conscious offerings with four servings per recipe.

Unlock options with customized vegetarian meal plans

With Blue Apron Customized, you can swap, add, and upgrade your meals to make them more you. Tailor select meals to suit your tastes, including swapping in meat-free options like tofu.



Eating an increasingly plant-based diet is recognized as nutritionally sufficient and as a way to reduce chronic illness. The American Dietetic Association cites that an appropriately planned vegetarian diet—one composed of a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and good fats—may provide benefits in the prevention of certain diseases.


The simplest and cheapest thing anyone can do to limit humans’ impact on the environment is consume less meat. A 2006 report by the United Nations noted that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

Blue Apron

Our vegetarian meal kits put veggies front and center and offer a variety of both plant-based proteins and animal byproducts (eggs and dairy) to meet your dietary needs. We champion variety (including pasta, grain bowls, salads, stir fries, tacos, etc), so you’ll never find yourself in a dinner-time rut. Just because you’re skipping meat, doesn’t mean you’re skipping flavor. All recipes are tested, tasted, and vetted by Blue Apron’s culinary team.


Hear from happy home cooks.

Blue Apron vegetarian recipes are a hit.

I now regularly get Blue Apron as a treat to myself. I love the variety of vegetarian options, which are so much more interesting than other meal kits. With 3 children who are not vegetarian, I found that I was not cooking properly for myself. The simplicity of the meals allows me to easily prepare my own meal alongside theirs, and that convenience is worth the cost at the moment.

My kids and I love Blue Apron. We enjoy the ease and fun of making the meals as well as eating them! We love the vegetarian options, and the mozzarella sandwich was so delicious!

As a vegetarian, there are so many awesome options and since we have been home a lot more now due to Covid, it brings fun variety into our kitchen! Thanks, Blue Apron!

I love the variety of vegetarian recipes. BA recipes are so creative and I’ve had vegetarian meals that I would never have thought about, many that are now favorites I make over and over again.

We’re on the vegetarian 2 meals-a-week option and it’s perfect! We usually have leftovers (aka a lot less grocery shopping) and makes cooking a fun experience that we can do together!


I was shocked with how good it was, and really how simple! And for being vegetarian, it was super filling. It’s been saved as a new weeknight meal!


Their vegetarian recipes are the best, and of such good quality that you will not miss meat at all!



  • How does Blue Apron define a vegetarian recipe? 

    We always want our home cooks to have a variety of choices each week, regardless of dietary preferences, so we provide three vegetarian recipes on our weekly Signature for 2 menu. Blue Apron vegetarian recipes are made with fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and are created with or without dairy products, honey and/or eggs for you to enjoy as part of your vegetarian preference. 

  • What comes in the vegetarian meal kit?

    Each meal kit includes high-quality ingredients and easy, step-by-step instructions for 2-3 meat-free recipes.

  • What vegetarian meal plan options are available?

    Our vegetarian meal plan serves 2 and the recipes feature a wide range of fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These meals are created with or without dairy products, honey, and/or eggs. We also incorporate different plant-based proteins into our recipes, including tofu. 

  • How does vegetarian meal delivery work?
    Blue Apron’s meal kit delivery service helps chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home. We take care of the menu planning and shopping by delivering perfectly portioned fresh ingredients to your door, so all you have to do is cook and enjoy. When you select our Vegetarian for 2 menu, we’ll automatically default you to receive vegetarian recipes each week.

  • How long does it take to prepare a vegetarian meal kit?
    The majority of our meals can be prepared in 25-35 minutes. When you browse menu selection, you’ll see estimated preparation times listed to help you plan accordingly. 

  • Can I stop or pause vegetarian meal delivery?

    Absolutely! You can manage each delivery to suit your needs by selecting recipes you’re interested inskipping weeks you don’t need, changing your delivery date to suit your schedule, or even ordering an extra box for when you need a little bit more. 

*Select artisanal cheeses may contain animal-derived rennet.