Severino Pasta is a small-batch pasta-manufacturing company and retail store based out of Westmont, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1971 by Joseph Severino, and is truly a family business, with 3 generations of Severinos running daily operations. Severino Pasta has grown over the years, but its mission has remained the same since the day the doors opened: to provide the freshest pasta to customers without compromising the all-natural ingredients used or the tradition of the artisanal production process.

Fresh Pasta

All of Severino’s homemade pasta starts out with these three simple ingredients: 100% semolina flour, fresh eggs and water. Every pound of pasta is cut, portioned, and wrapped by hand.

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How we cooked with Severino’s Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta Primavera

Though it typically has asparagus and peas, there’s no requirement for which spring vegetables are in this classic dish. We added fresh spring spinach, teeny radishes, and green garlic, the young, mild garlic stalk that looks like a leek or scallion. At the last minute, we put in herbs like opal basil, a clove-scented purple basil, and chervil, the delicate parsley lookalike with a faint licorice flavor. You’ve never had a pasta primavera like this one.

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Proudly Made In Westmont, NJ
Proudly Made in Westmont, NJ