Riverdog Farm

The dry summer heat in the Capay Valley belies the rich creek-bottom soil that’s responsible for the thriving fruit and vegetable crops at Riverdog Farm, whose 500 acres yield tasty organic produce shared with the community in CSA boxes, at the best regional restaurants, and from a stall at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. Partners Tim Mueller and Trini Campbell run the farm with 50 full-time employees, who gather ripe provisions from the fields all but two weeks of the year.

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How we cooked with Riverdog’s Peppers

Summer Sauté with Fregola Sarda & Buffalo Mozzarella

Summer has a particular flavor. Lush and robust, the produce that grows this time of year requires almost nothing. Just a quick sauté, a little bit of seasoning, a few sprigs of fresh herbs (and, of course, some fresh mozzarella to bring it all together). We designed this recipe to highlight our favorite summer vegetables, and to let them speak for themselves.

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Proudly Made In Guinda, California
Proudly Made in Guinda, California