Reeves Farms

Reeves Farms, located just south of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York, is a small, family-run operation that sustainably grows an amazing array of produce every year. Farmer Brian Reeves works hard to keep the land at its absolute best, as his family has done successfully since the late 19th Century. This hard work is deliciously evident in the taste of Reeves Farms’ vegetables, like the specialty varieties of squash (Zephyr) and eggplant (Raja) they've grown just for us.

Raja Eggplant

Raja Eggplants are a white, tender, heirloom variety that Brian Reeves grew for the first time for Blue Apron recipes. The first eggplants to be popularized in Europe were small, white varieties like Raja, leading to the fruit’s present-day name. Their subtle flavor is prized by chefs and home cooks alike.

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How we cooked with Reeves Farms' Raja Eggplant

Spiced Lentil Stew with Summer Vegetables and Toasted Naan

In this Indian-inspired summer meal, we’re simmering golden lentils with fragrant spices, savory aromatics and tomato to create a delicious, hearty stew. Sweet pepper, a small, mild variety, is at its best around this time of year—as is petite, white Raja eggplant (an exceptionally tender cultivar), which you’ll brown first before finishing it in the stew. And for dipping, we’re serving the dish with a traditional side of toasted naan.

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