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The One Thing You Need To Cook A Perfect Dinner

by Kate G.

My husband and I were stuck in a food rut. We both love to cook, but researching recipes, planning meals and grocery shopping every week were major time sucks. Plus I’d always forget something and have to make an extra trip to the grocery store (who wants to do that at the end of a long day?). Expensive, unhealthy takeout was starting to take over our routine. Clearly we needed a new approach to dinner. A few of our friends had been raving about Blue Apron, so we decided to give it a try.

Blue Apron delivers a box each week with fresh ingredients and simple recipes.
At first I thought I’d feel like a cop out letting them do so much of the legwork, but the food is too amazing (and easy to make!) for me to pass up, to be honest. Every Monday we come home to find a chilled box waiting on our doorstep with the ingredients for three meals. We’re able to pick the meals according to our preferences (I’m a pescatarian and my husband doesn’t like shrimp) and we’re discovering ingredients we had never heard of before, like yuzu sauce and pink lemons.

Because everything is pre-portioned, we can be adventurous without having extra spices and veggies taking up space in our cupboards and fridge. Blue Apron sources local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients and it really shows. The produce and fish have consistently been the freshest and most beautiful I’ve ever cooked with. And I love that I can eat well without having to give it a second thought.

I can actually say I know my way around the kitchen now. Cooking fish used to intimidate me and I’d only order it in restaurants. The other night we made BBQ-Spiced Salmon & Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds and the instructions were so clear—now I can perfectly sear a piece of fish without googling. I’m also gaining a new appreciation for vegetables I thought I hated, like cauliflower. I was kind of nervous when I saw Braised Tandoori Cauliflower on the menu, but we decided to try it anyway and it was surprisingly delicious (and easy!). It might actually be one of my favorite meals so far.

I find myself looking forward to our Blue Apron cooking nights even more than our date nights out. Staying in used to mean ordering takeout and zoning out in front of the TV. Now my husband and I are actively engaging with each other after work and we make a more concerted effort to set the table, light candles and talk over dinner. It’s made us so much closer. Not only is cooking with Blue Apron fun, the food is just as good, if not better, than what we’d get at a restaurant (not to mention cheaper). It’s also freed up time on the weekends that I used to spend planning and shopping. Now I can just focus on the fun of cooking, without the stress. We’ve been using Blue Apron for about two months now and at the risk of sounding dramatic, it’s honestly been life changing.

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