Hot Bread Kitchen

Founded in 2008, Hot Bread Kitchen is an innovative social enterprise that offers workforce development and business support to aspiring bakers and food entrepreneurs in New York City. In their East Harlem bakery, they operate two programs that are changing the face of the food industry. Through their bakery training program, Hot Bread Kitchen is preserving baking traditions from around the world, while creating professional opportunities for immigrant women. Their products are made fresh every day, using local ingredients when possible and never adding preservatives.


M’smen is a buttery, flaky Moroccan flatbread that melts in your mouth. Hot Bread Kitchen’s is pure and simple; made with organic wheat flour, semolina, and of course, butter. In Morocco, M’smen is traditionally eaten for breakfast with honey.

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Chole Chickpea Stew with Collard Greens and M’smen Bread

This recipe uses a dollop of fresh coconut yogurt to complement the classic array of spices and give the dish a cool, satisfying smoothness. Coconut yogurt (not to be confused with coconut flavored yogurt) is dairy-free, made only from rich coconut milk, coconut water and the natural cultures found in normal yogurt. It is uniquely flavorful and velvety, with the slightly sweet, unmistakable undertone of coconut.

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Proudly Made In New York, NY
Proudly Made in New York