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How This DIY Meal Kit Changed My Life

by Sam G.

My personal experience with meal kits started over a year ago, when I moved to New York City and realized that all of my daily expenses were really starting to add up. I had gotten into the habit of ordering lunch to my office every day, which could easily amount to $11, $12, or even $15 once I added in tax, delivery fee, and tip.

I was chatting with my co-worker about how much I was spending on takeout and she mentioned that she and a few other co-workers had started using Blue Apron and absolutely loved it. With her encouragement, I decided to give it a shot. I figured at the very least I would save money, and at the very best would maybe, just maybe, pick up a few cooking skills along the way.

The process of signing up was really simple; I went to the website and selected the 2-person plan for $59/week. Blue Apron also has a family plan, so if you have four or more people to feed you can upgrade to that option, which costs $69/week.

A week later my first box arrived at my doorstep. A cool breeze hit my face as I opened up the refrigerated bag and saw an abundance of fresh veggies, fruit, and herbs, and meat. It reminded me of the CSA boxes my dad used to get in the Midwest, but everything came perfectly portioned for the recipes I would be cooking.

The first few meals I made were a bit of a struggle, as even chopping an onion felt foreign to me. But the step-by-step recipes held my hand as I pan seared, roasted, small-diced, stirred, and sautéed for the first time. Within the first few months I started feeling more confident and I quickly picked up on patterns and techniques, making the prep time faster and faster.

It’s now been nearly 14 months and 100 meals since I started, and I honestly can’t believe how much more confident I feel in the kitchen. Blue Apron emphasizes education and empowerment by teaching skills and explaining techniques, so I know why and when to use specific methods, making it easy to use them in my own recipes.

I’ve tried a few other brands (Hello Fresh, Plated, and Purple Carrot) but keep coming back to Blue Apron. Here’s why:

  • At $9.99 a serving, it’s the cheapest option
  • I personally find Blue Apron recipes to be more complex and tastier than Hello Fresh and Plated
  • Blue Apron’s quality is the best, and on the rare occasion I’ve had a delivery mishap, their customer service has been really responsive and always willing to credit for a late delivery or missing ingredient
  • My delivery schedule is super easy to customize. I just log into the website and skip any weeks I don’t want a delivery
  • Blue Apron has a really awesome company mission. They firmly believe in animal welfare and sustainably sourced seafood. You won’t find any added antibiotics or hormones in their meat.
  • The packaging is recyclable and easily returned via existing USPS routes. I know the packaging receives a lot of criticism, but it’s easy to forget the benefits of eating a tomato sourced <100 miles from you instead of being flown in from halfway around the world. Not to mention that Blue Aprons food model reduces food waste, which is a huge problem with the current brick and mortar system.

I recommend Blue Apron to anyone who wants to spend a little time in the kitchen and gain new and improved cooking skills. Click here to get your first three meals FREE!

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