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From Cynic to Chef: My Blue Apron Review

by Janet L.

Grocery shopping is like therapy for me. When I’m walking the aisles of my favorite grocery store, I get lost in the sea of colorful produce and baskets of freshly baked breads. I also love scouring food blogs for delicious recipes to make for the week. So when several friends urged me to try Blue Apron, a pre-planned recipe and meal delivery service, I was quick to shut the idea down. How could I give up my Sunday afternoon trips to the grocery store? Or abandon my meal planning for the week?

I finally caved when my sister sent me a free box. She told me that Blue Apron had introduced her and her husband to new dishes they never thought they could make (or would even enjoy), and she had a feeling my boyfriend and I would feel the same. I agreed to give it a try.

My box was waiting at my door on a Tuesday evening, and I was surprised by how well the ice packs inside kept the ingredients fresh while I was at work. Each ingredient was clearly labeled, and the produce and chicken breasts were of the freshness and quality I (a self-proclaimed perfectionist) would have selected myself.


Dukkah-Spiced Salmon with Spring Vegetable & Oyster Mushroom Ragout

For our first of three recipes of the week, my boyfriend and I chose the brown butter gnocchi. We typically prepare meals separately (he’s more of a breakfast guy), but Blue Apron made it so easy for us to cook together. The colorful, step-by-step recipe cards were really straightforward, and we managed to prepare the entire meal in just under 25 minutes. We were both impressed by how flavorful the dish was, and my always-hungry boyfriend even complimented the generous portion sizes.

We’ve now been ordering Blue Apron about twice a month for the past five months (luckily, Blue Apron gives us the option to easily skip any week we like). I haven’t had to completely give up my food blog addiction, but it’s really nice to order Blue Apron on weeks when my schedule doesn’t leave me a lot of time to shop or plan. Because the ingredients are pre-measured, we’ve noticed a decrease in our food waste, and there are less items hogging space in our tiny kitchen. As an added bonus, the 2-person plan only costs us $59/week, which is less than we typically pay for groceries.

Before Blue Apron, I was spending many nights cooking similar takes on the same recipes and cuisines out of habit. I’d stopped stepping outside my comfort zone in the kitchen. Now I’m embracing new foods again and cooking exciting dishes, like Green Shakshuka and Bhindi Masala. Plus, I’ve been learning new cooking techniques along the way, like how to mince garlic and how to get the perfect citrus zest. I never knew I could be so adventurous in my own kitchen!

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