Country Natural

In 1984, Country Natural got its humble start with ranchers Doc and Connie Hatfield, who reached out to their neighbors with the dream of producing naturally raised beef in an environmentally sustainable way. They founded a cooperative that has since grown to involve 100 families, building relationships with major restaurateurs and retailers along the way. Their cattle is humanely raised on sprawling acres of land, and the beef they provide us has no antibiotics or added hormones.

Ground Beef

From burgers to bolognese, ground beef is a deliciously versatile ingredient.

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How we cooked with Country Natural's Ground Beef

Rice & Beef-Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Lime-Crema Sauce

Combining complex sweetness and subtle heat, the poblano is amazingly versatile. When roasted, its skin softens, blistering and taking on notes of smokiness. But the pepper also retains its shape, making it a wonderful choice for stuffing and finishing in the oven. In this recipe, we're using a hearty beef and rice filling—perfectly complemented by tart, lime-seasoned Mexican crema.

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