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Cooking For One, Blue Apron-Style

Allie C.

This year ushered in a lot of change for me: a new job, a new city and a new studio apartment. Amid all the change, I found myself craving something familiar, like a good home-cooked meal. My family cooked together almost daily when I was growing up, but I hadn’t managed to keep up with the tradition in recent years.

Starting fresh in a new city gave me the opportunity to embrace cooking again. I noticed several of my friends posting to Facebook about Blue Apron, and I decided to give it a go. I’ve always dreaded the grocery store rush and have never been a natural at recipe planning, so the idea of receiving a chilled box containing fresh, pre-measured ingredients seemed custom-made for me.

I decided to try Blue Apron’s 2-Person Plan (their smallest available) about three months ago. It typically caters to two people, but I knew with a little strategizing, I’d be able to make it work for one. To make the most of my meals, I’ve been cooking both servings at the same time and saving the second serving for lunch or dinner the next day. Because I’m just cooking the food for myself, I can also make the dishes to my liking by adding just the amount of seasoning and improvising simple substitutes that I’ll enjoy more.

I love a variety of foods and the delicious Blue Apron recipes are diverse enough to satisfy my many cravings. I can enjoy an authentic Asian dish one night (like spicy chicken and Korean rice cakes) and a traditional American dish later that week (like Maryland-style cod cake sandwiches).

I’ve even encouraged my family to start cooking Blue Apron, so even though we’re scattered across the country, we can still cook together. Finally, my new apartment feels like a home.


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