Coke Farm

Coke Farm is an organic farm based in San Juan Bautista, CA. With 30+ years in business, we pride ourselves on quality and offering a large variety of specialty organic produce. We are family owned and operated, and we are passionate about producing healthy food while protecting our water, soil, and worker's health. Fun fact: the first California pear orchard was planted on the ground we now farm!

Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon is a vibrant, sweeter kind of lemon, thought to be a hybrid of lemons and mandarins. First cultivated in China, this citrus gets its name from the botanist who brought back samples and introduced them to the American market. Winter is the prime season for these fruits, and their brightness is a welcome sight in the cold months.

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How we cooked with Coke Farm’s Meyer Lemon

White Pizza with Meyer Lemon & Arugula-Brussels Sprouts Salad

In many restaurants, you’ll find a furikake seasoning shaker of it right alongside the salt and pepper. A bright mixture usually containing seaweed, dried shiso leaf and sesame seeds, it was originally used as a way to “spice up” rice. But its complexity adds layers of flavor wherever it goes. In this dish, you’ll make tender salmon and a delicious miso dressed noodle salad wiith a sprinkle of furikake.

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Proudly Made In San Juan Bautista, California
Proudly Made in San Juan Bautista, California