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Blue Apron: A Fresh Idea for Fall

Blue Apron is committed to helping you cook seasonal meals that are fun and easy to make. Start cooking this fall and save 50% on your first week (that’s three meals for two people for $30–a $60 value!).

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we work:

  • Discover unique ingredients like fairy tale eggplant, tinkerbell peppers and purple beans that turn green when cooked! You won’t find specialty ingredients like these at your average grocery store and fall is the perfect season to try something new.


  • Our culinary and farm partnerships teams work directly with farmers to help plan their crop rotations and create recipes based on what’s in season. So you get the freshest produce delivered straight from the farm to your doorstep. No middleman.


  • We're developing a more sustainable food system by supporting farmers who use regenerative farming practices, which help build healthy soil for future generations, and sourcing sustainable seafood and meats with no added hormones.


  • Because all of your ingredients are perfectly pre-portioned, you’ll use everything you receive. That means you’re wasting less food (and money) than if you shopped at a grocery store.


  • No more recipe planning or grocery shopping. You’ll receive all the ingredients you need to make an incredible meal (with step-by-step recipe instructions), plus you’ll pick up new cooking skills along the way. Now that’s a fresh idea for fall. 


We're bringing you fresh ingredients and expanding your culinary skill-set one box at a time. Click here to take 50% off your first box, and discover a better way to cook today!


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