Indulge in plant-based deliciousness with our vegetarian meal kits

Eating vegetarian food has never tasted so good. Blue Apron’s vegetarian recipes give you easy, meat-free* dishes that celebrate seasonally inspired produce and quality ingredients you can feel good about, delivered right to your door. From delectable entrees with meat alternatives to flavorful salads and sides, each vegetarian meal kit contains pre-portioned ingredients to make cooking at home a breeze.
*Select cheeses contain animal derived rennet.


Plant-based deliciousness, straight to your doorstep

Skip meal planning and shopping

Simplify your shopping routine and spend less time searching for those hard-to-find vegetarian ingredients. Our vegetarian meal kits can help reduce the stress of meal planning and shopping.

Diversify your vegetarian diet

A vegetarian meal delivery service doesn’t just make your life easier; it also provides variety. Our vegetarian meal kits contain fresh produce and chef-crafted recipes, adding unique flavor to many diets and lifestyles.

Enjoy perfectly portioned dishes

Not a fan of leftovers or hate wasting excess food? Our vegetarian meal kits include pre-portioned ingredients, allowing you to reach your goals without wasting food.

Why choose Blue Apron for vegetarian meal kits?

Flavorful vegetarian menus every week

Blue Apron’s vegetarian meal delivery service gives you access to easy, meat-free* dishes that highlight seasonally inspired produce. Choose from popular dishes like pesto pasta, three-cheese pizza, white bean shakshuka, or paneer with chickpea curry.
*Select cheeses contain animal derived rennet.

Explore our weekly menus to see your options.

Convenient meat-free* dishes

With Blue Apron, cooking vegetarian meals can be quick and easy. Many recipes are designed to be made in just 35 minutes, while our Prepared & Ready meals are done in under 5 minutes. *Select cheeses contain animal derived rennet.

Easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes

You don’t need to be an expert chef to make delicious plant-based meals at home. Our vegetarian delivery meals include step-by-step instructions, allowing people of all cooking levels to make delicious, veggie-packed meals.

Quality ingredients

Our weekly vegetarian meal delivery menu includes seasonally inspired produce packed with the quality and flavor you love.

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How Blue Apron's meal delivery works


Choose your plan

Select your Blue Apron meal plan from our rotating list of chef-crafted recipes.


Pick your meals

Fresh produce and seasonally inspired ingredients delivered straight to your door.


Enjoy effortless meals

Skip the meal planning and shopping trip to save time with easy-to-follow recipes.


Unlock Customized Meal Plans with Blue Apron

Swap, add, upgrade your meals to make them more you.

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Vegetarian Meal Delivery FAQs

What kind of food comes with a vegetarian meal delivery?

Skipping meat doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Our vegetarian meal delivery service puts meat-free (elect artisanal cheeses contain animal-derived rennet) proteins front and center, with a range of plant-based proteins like black bean patties and tofu. Enjoy delicious pastas, grain bowls, tacos, and more, ensuring you get all the variety you crave. At Blue Apron, each recipe goes through rigorous testing and tasting by our team of culinary professionals to guarantee the best at-home dining experience.

Choose from a variety of meals on our weekly menu to spice up your diet. Take your taste buds on a cultural culinary journey with options like Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Tofu and Vegetable Lo Mein, Mushroom Ramen, and much more.

What are the benefits of using a vegetarian meal delivery service?

At Blue Apron, we’re committed to creating the best vegetarian meal delivery plan so you can reap the benefits. Enjoy the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients delivered directly to your home. Many of our vegetarian meal kits are designed to take only 25 to 35 minutes to prepare, so you can spend more time savoring your meal and less time in the kitchen.

Another perk of using a vegetarian meal delivery kit is the variety of food you'll receive weekly. You can choose from a wide range of weekly menu items to enhance your personal meal plan. Choose familiar favorites or try new dishes to expand your palette. With Blue Apron, you’ll discover the joy of a vegetarian diet, thanks to our fresh ingredients and innovative recipes.

Can I customize my vegetarian delivery meals?

Yes, you can customize what you get each week through Blue Apron to accommodate specific preferences. Don’t see a veggie option for your favorite dish? Look for customization options to swap in meat-free protein like tofu. You can easily switch, add, and upgrade your meals to make them more personalized. Shop the Blue Apron Market to explore other vegetarian meal kit options.

What is the cost of a vegetarian meal delivery service?

The cost of our vegetarian meal delivery service varies depending on how you customize your plan. For vegetarian meal kits, pricing is based on the serving size of your meals and the number of recipes you get delivered each week. Personalize your vegetarian meal home delivery and choose from 2 to 5 meals per week.