Fitness meal delivery

Say goodbye to the struggle of balancing taste and nutrition with Blue Apron’s fitness meal delivery. Our chef-crafted recipes make nutritious eating a joy. Get flavorful, quality recipes delivered to your door, helping you maintain your active lifestyle without sacrificing deliciousness. Our fitness meal delivery is perfect for people embracing a nutritious and balanced diet. From Carb Conscious to 600 Calories or Less or Nutritionist’s Pick, Blue Apron has the perfect recipes to add to your week.

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Reach your goals with fitness meal kits

Nutritionist-approved meals

Blue Aprons fitness meal kits are crafted to provide a balance of exceptional flavors, fresh produce, and protein. Our nutritionist plays a key role in formulating recipes, ensuring that they are packed full of nutrients your body needs.

Beginner-friendly recipes

Don’t know where to start when making fitness-oriented, balanced meals? That’s where our meals for delivery come in, offering simple and delicious recipes that anyone can follow to create nutritious meals.

Nutrition-conscious offerings for different lifestyles

Browse our menu to discover options such as Carb Conscious, vegetarian, 600 Calories or Less, and more recipes that seamlessly fit into many nutrition-conscious lifestyles. Tailor your fitness meal delivery service to reach your goals.

Explore the best meal plans for fitness

Our thoughtfully curated collection of diverse and delectable meals caters to your taste while remaining aligned with your goals. Elevate your meals with flavors that satisfy and nutrients that fuel your body. Blue Apron offers a great meal delivery for fitness, thanks to our range of menus and diverse recipes. Whether you live a vegetarian lifestyle or seek familiar dishes, our fitness meal options are designed to support your nutrition journey.

Blue Apron: Your go-to for fitness meal kits & delivery

Set yourself up for success with a fitness meal delivery service. Our expertly crafted meals are a fusion of taste and nutrition designed to support your goals. Stay on track with pre-portioned meals made to fit into your unique lifestyle. Enjoy fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to help support your fitness objectives.

More convenience, less stress

Sometimes, a busy schedule makes it hard to eat right. With our fit meal delivery, skip the stress of meal planning and know you are eating well-rounded meals meant to nourish your body. Spend less time planning and prepping meals and enjoy more time savoring tasty dishes.

Flexible options to fuel your body

Our fitness meal delivery options provide you with the flexibility to fuel your body with the foods you love most. You can tailor select recipes to your needs by swapping proteins or making recipes vegetarian. Since our menus rotate weekly, you can choose the recipes you crave. Living an active and nutritious lifestyle is easier when you enjoy the food you're eating, making Blue Apron the best meal delivery for fitness.

Fresh produce, quality ingredients

When you’re focused on fitness, you’re mindful of what you put in your body. Our commitment to quality extends beyond exceptional taste—it’s about making responsible choices. Blue Apron seeks to work with suppliers that share our values to ensure we use fresh produce and responsibly sourced proteins. Focus on sustainability practices allows us opportunities to make a positive impact on your plate.

Benefits of ordering with Blue Apron

Skip the store

Skip the grocery shopping and the stress of meal planning. We’ll deliver what you need to your door.

Easy to follow

Our recipes are easy to make with step-by-step directions (and even the littlest cooks can help).

Meals in a pinch

Many of our recipes are designed to be done in 35 minutes or less, and our Prepared & Ready meals are done in under 5 minutes.


You get tender proteins, seasonally inspired produce, and unique ingredients delivered right to your door.

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How Blue Apron’s fitness meal delivery works


Choose your plan

Select your Blue Apron meal plan from our rotating list of chef-crafted recipes.


Pick your meals

Fresh produce and seasonally inspired ingredients delivered straight to your door.


Enjoy effortless meals

Skip the meal planning and shopping trip to save time with easy-to-follow recipes.


Unlock Customized Meal Plans with Blue Apron

Swap, add, upgrade your meals to make them more you.

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What is fitness meal delivery?

Fitness meal delivery is a service that delivers pre-portioned meals along with recipes to your door, allowing you to cook tasty meals at home. Blue Apron’s meals focus on balanced nutrition and convenient preparation to help individuals stick to their fitness plans without compromising taste.

How often can I receive meals from a fitness meal delivery service?

While Blue Apron doesn’t offer “fitness meals” you can tailor your plan to meet your dietary needs and preferences, making it easy to create the best meal delivery to support your fitness plan. With Blue Apron, choose between 2 to 5 meals a week. We offer meals that are carb conscious, highlight protein and/or are 600 calories or less. We also offer recipes selected by our Registered Dietitian that are built with lean proteins, whole grains and fresh produce. We also offer flexibility, allowing you to skip a week when you need to or adjust the number of meals you receive each week. Plan pricing varies depending on how you craft your subscription.

Do fitness meal delivery services offer vegetarian options?

Yes, our fitness meal delivery plans include a variety of vegetarian options. Vegetarian meals are expertly crafted to provide the nutrients and protein needed to support your dietary preferences. Plus, our vegetarian recipes pack all the flavor of familiar favorites without the meat (select artisanal cheese contain animal-derived rennet).

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Is it easy to cook healthy meals with fitness meal delivery?

Yes, cooking meals is easy with Blue Apron’s fitness meal kits. Save the hassle of planning shopping trips and calculating macros and nutrient levels. Our weekly menus are pre-portioned with all the ingredients you need for a well-balanced plate, making it simple to cook a delicious, healthy meal from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Experience more convenience and less stress when planning your meals for the week with our fitness meal delivery. Whether your goal is minding calories or balancing carbs, fat, and protein, our nutritionist-approved recipes are crafted to meet your needs.