Mediterranean Diet & Meal Delivery Kits

Looking for a meal kit that fits into your Mediterranean diet? Our Wellness menu* is a great option! Designed by our nutritionist and Test Kitchen, our Wellness menu features meals inspired by many of the principles the Mediterranean diet celebrates.

Starting at $7.99 a serving
Each week, enjoy Mediterranean diet-compatible meal kit recipes on our Wellness for 2 menu (two servings per recipe).

Our Mediterranean-Inspired Meal Plan Options

No matter what your week entails, Blue Apron can help you get dinner on the table. With options to appeal to everyone at the table, our menus can be changed week to week to fit your diet and schedule—try our Wellness meal kits for meals inspired by the Mediterranean diet—or add other preferences to mix things up.

Chef Favorites

This menu has everything—including what you’ll find on the Wellness and Vegetarian meal plans. Mix it up with meat, fish, WW Recommended, and more health-conscious offerings with two servings per recipe.

Family Favorites

Kid-friendly meals the whole family will love! Featuring accessible flavors that will appeal to a wide range of eaters, these recipes include make-ahead favorites to help you save time and are proven crowd-pleasers.


Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, these balanced recipes are designed for your holistic health in collaboration with our nutritionist. These meals can also be found on the Signature plan, though opting into Wellness means we’ll automatically prioritize Mediterranean diet-inspired meals for you.

Fast & Easy

Recipes designed to be done in under 30 minutes, our Fast & Easy menu includes the ultimate time-saving recipes, as well as our popular Heat & Eat options. Enjoy the ultimate low-maintenance meals with this menu.

I did all Wellness recipes last week, and they all had excellent taste.

Hannah W.
Vegetarian Meal Kit of Chickpea Stew

I love all the fish offerings. I love the one-pot pasta recipes, so I always order those, and I love the Wellness plan.

Barbara M.

How Blue Apron Mediterranean-Inspired
Meal Delivery Works​

1. Choose

Choose your meals

Select meals from a weekly menu of easy-to-follow recipes. You can customize your kit to choose options that fit your Mediterranean diet.

2. Receive

Receive your ingredients

Fresh, seasonally inspired, and delivered straight to your door, with whole grains, fish, and seafood options.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy incredible dinners

Time-saving, easy, and cooked from scratch, our meals bring everyone to the table.

Customize Your Meal Kit to fit a Mediterranean Diet

Swap, add, and upgrade your meals to make them more you. With Blue Apron Customized, you can tailor select meals to suit your tastes, including adding more vegetables or swapping red meat for lean proteins.



The Mediterranean diet continues to rank amongst the best and most sustainable diets for Americans. Like Blue Apron’s Wellness 360 program, it highlights ingredients rather than relying on individual nutrient intake or macro tracking. While there isn’t one clear definition of Mediterranean diet, the dietary pattern is generally low in saturated fat and high in fiber, lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.


At Blue Apron, we believe that cooking at home does more than just nourish your body—time in the kitchen can help you unwind, save money, and learn new skills. Our 360 approach to Wellness considers your financial, relationship, emotional, brain, and physical health so that we can support your lifestyle, no matter what health means to you.


Blue Apron’s Wellness menu is full of nutritionist-approved recipes that will fit you and your unique goals. The menu includes carb conscious, 600 calories or less, and vegetarian recipes that the whole family will love. Look forward to recipes that put veggies front and center and a variety of wholesome meals that include pasta, grain bowls, salads, stir fries, and tacos. All recipes are tested, tasted, and vetted by Blue Apron’s culinary team.

Hear from happy cooks

Blue Apron’s Mediterranean recipes are a hit.

I like the addition of the Wellness recipes with lower calories. The recipes still taste really good and are not boring at all, this is my main reason for doing Blue Apron—to cook exciting healthy recipes.

Jeana M.

I am loving the experience I am having with Blue Apron. Under any other circumstance, I would never have tried these combinations in the meals. This has opened me up to new taste experiences.

Beverly H.

You guys are awesome—I don’t know where we’d be without you! Your recipes have gotten easier and quicker over the years (or perhaps I’m just getting better at cooking?!) but the quality and flavor of the meals have not suffered one bit. When we go out to eat now, we often find ourselves thinking, ‘Gee, we’ve made better meals at home.

Mark G.

Wellness meal plan & delivery FAQ

How can Blue Apron accommodate a Mediterranean diet?
Our Wellness meal plan is heavily inspired by the core principles of the Mediterranean diet and features nutritionist-approved recipes highlighting a range of wholesome ingredients. Each recipe features detailed nutritional information to help you identify if the recipe will fit your Mediterranean diet lifestyle.

How does Blue Apron define a Wellness recipe?
We always want our home cooks to have a variety of choices each week, regardless of dietary preferences, so we provide a minimum of three Wellness recipes each week. Blue Apron’s Wellness recipes feature lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds for you to enjoy as part of your Wellness preference.


What comes in the Wellness meal kit?
Each meal kit includes high-quality ingredients and easy, step-by-step instructions for 2-3 recipes.


What meal plan options are available to fit my Mediterranean diet?
Our Wellness meal plan is heavily inspired by the core principles of the Mediterranean diet, serves 2, and features a wide range of fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. We also incorporate different lean proteins like fish and chicken.


How does Blue Apron’s Wellness meal delivery work?

Blue Apron’s meal kit delivery service helps chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home. We take care of the menu planning and shopping by delivering perfectly portioned fresh ingredients to your door, so all you have to do is cook and enjoy. When you select our Vegetarian for 2 menu, we’ll automatically default you to receive vegetarian recipes each week.


How long does it take to prepare a Wellness meal kit?
The majority of our meals can be prepared in 25-35 minutes. When you browse menu selection, you’ll see estimated preparation times listed to help you plan accordingly.


Can I stop or pause Blue Apron meal delivery?
Absolutely! You can manage each delivery to suit your needs by selecting recipes you’re interested in, skipping weeks you don’t need, changing your delivery date to suit your schedule, or even ordering an extra box for when you need a little bit more.

*The Signature recipes under our Wellness 360 campaign showcase a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as lean proteins from poultry, pork, fish, seafood and tofu, including moderate portions of dairy. These meals are balanced and consider the contribution of calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium to the daily diet