Blue Apron Winter Favorites

Blue Apron Winter Favorites

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We're back with an updated selection of wines to feature in our Blue Apron All-Stars bundle. The three whites and three reds offer great diversity. The whites inlcude a 2017 Chanin Grüner Veltliner, a fresher, fruitier version of the classic Austrian take on the grape, a 2017 Verdelho Blend from Le P'tit Paysan, and the full and creamy Airfield Estates Chardonnay from the Miller Family of Washington's Yakima Valley. The red selections include an Anthesis Pinot Noir, a classic Oregon Pinot Noir which strikes a beautiful balance between fruit flavors and earthy complexity, the 2016 Easton Zinfandel, and the Le P'tit Paysan Cabernet Sauvignon, a classic California Cabernet full of bold fruit flavor.

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Collection includes 6 x 500 mL bottles (2/3 of a standard-size wine bottle) featuring the following wines:
  • 2017 Le P'tit Paysan Cabernet Sauvignon: Wine maverick Ian Brand has crafted more Blue Apron wines than anyone else, for the simple reason that we can always expect a pleasant surprise—like a punk band releasing an acoustic tune. His 2016 Cabernet was a rustic, old-school delight. So in 2017, he sought to make a Cab that’s a little more modern, akin to the classic California Cabernets that balance intense fruit flavors with spicy, savory notes. One sip will leave you saying, “Rock on, Ian.”
  • 2017 Le P'tit Paysan Verdelho blend: Le P’tit Paysan White is a Portuguese wine in disguise, “with a California-sunshine polish to it,” Ian Brand says. He has made more wines with Blue Apron than anyone else, and this white epitomizes why. Nerdiness, obsession or a combination of the two drove Ian to study the soil and climate of the few California vineyards that grow Verdelho and Albariño (grape varieties from Portugal and Spain, respectively). He discovered it is possible to make a wine as delicious as any from the Iberian Peninsula—and that’s delightful with our light, aromatic dishes. This wine is a blend of 90% Verdelho and 10% Albariño.
  • 2016 Easton Zinfandel: Bill Easton is the Sierra Foothills fine-wine pioneer, having championed Zinfandel ahead of its golden age and put Amador County on the map. In the 1980s, two decades before California’s top winemakers started flocking to this under-the-radar region for its ideal climate and undervalued land, Bill was here, quietly making robust Zinfandels. Easton Zinfandel is not your typical oaky, sugary, fruit-bomb Zin. Although it has concentrated dark-berry and cherry flavors, it’s not cloying. This Zin marries hedonism and restraint.
  • 2017 Chanin Grüner Veltliner: Chanin Grüner Veltliner is a fresher, fruitier version of the classic Austrian take on the grape. Also, half the grape juice was fermented in oak barrels to give the final wine a richer, fuller texture. Monterey, along California’s Central Coast, is a dry, sunny region cooled by Pacific breezes that reach far inland. Rava’s Black Jack Vineyard, one of the first properties in California to grow Grüner Veltliner, sits high on a hillside, where the grapes are exposed to bright sunshine and cool air. This ultimately gives the wine full fruit flavors and bright, zesty acidity.
  • 2016 Airfield Estates Chardonnay: The Miller family are pioneers of Washington wine, among the first to plant grapevines in Yakima Valley, in 1968. Many of the Millers’ oldest vines were used to make this wine. These vines have deeper-reaching roots that absorb more nutrients, which develop more powerful flavors in the grapes. Airfield Estates Chardonnay is an especially crisp wine—typical of a cool climate. It also has a full, creamy texture, a result of the wine being stirred weekly for three months after fermentation.
  • 2016 Anthesis Pinot Noir: In Oregon’s Willamette Valley it’s not hard to find Pinot Noir grapes. It’s nearly impossible, though, for winemakers to get their hands on grapes from the Stermer and Briscoe vineyards. Each year both vineyards’ grapes are used to craft some of Oregon’s most critically acclaimed Pinots—including one that landed on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list of 2016. Not only did we manage to get the grapes, we made a Pinot that stands shoulder to shoulder with Oregon’s best.

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