Essential Dinner Pairings - Poultry - 3 pack, 500ml size

Essential Dinner Pairings - Poultry - 3 pack, 500ml size

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For enjoying meals with chicken or turkey, this three-bottle bundle features two reds and one white that perfectly complement poultry with their modern, refreshing flavors. All three wines hail from California, delivering a diverse set of characteristics from both warm and cool climates.

The herbal notes and tannins of the 2017 Brick & Mortar Cabernet Franc make this a full-bodied wine that complements flavors in chicken or turkey dishes, while Lusu Cellars’ "The Farmer's Hand" Red Blend is a fresh spin on the bolder reds you find in Australia and Spain. The herbal and savory notes make it a perfect pairing for roasted veggies. Lastly, the 2016 Mount Konocti Sauvignon Blanc is our ideal mix of tropical, grassy, and citrus notes that make a lively companion to poultry.

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Collection includes 3 x 500 mL bottles (2/3 of a standard-size wine bottle) featuring the following wines:
  • 2017 Brick & Mortar Cabernet Franc:This is the fifth wine Matt Iaconis has crafted for Blue Apron, making him one of our most popular winemakers. As with his previous wines, Matt shows that California’s highest-quality grapes are often found in off-the-beaten-path old-vine vineyards. Matt discovered time-hardened Cabernet Franc vines in the Zinfandel heartland, of all places, and used them to make a wine on a par with the best from France’s Loire Valley. At this rate, his sixth wine will set a new standard.
  • 2017 Lusu Cellars "The Farmer's Hand" Red Blend: David Teixeira learned early and often, picking and pressing grapes with his family, that you can only make great wine if you start with the best grapes. The “Farmer’s Hand” label pays tribute to small family farms like the ones where David harvested grapes as a kid—vineyards that never sacrifice quality for quantity. One of his favorite properties is Sandy Lane Vineyard, home to gnarly, century-old vines that are cared for meticulously—and always yield exciting wines. This wine is 88% Carignan, 12% Mourvèdre.
  • 2016 Mount Konocti Sauvignon Blanc: About 10 years ago, four Lake County farming families decided to try their hand at growing grapes. On their own, any of the families would have been taken seriously, since they’d all been farming fruit—primarily pears—since 1926. But together, there was no question that their combined local knowledge would lead them to Lake County’s best soils—and result in grapes with concentrated flavors. The fruits of their labor, predictably and proudly, are anything but pear-shaped.

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