Essential Whites Sampler

Essential Whites Sampler

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This delicious six-bottle bundle of whites is chock-full of European-origin varieties made in California by some of the state's most cutting-edge winemakers. Classic varieties like Chardonnay and Riesling are complimented by wines made from lesser-known varieties, such as the Tendu Vermentino, which hails from Italy. The bundle offers a wide range of styles, from the crisp and aromatic Tendu Vermentino, from Steve Matthiason, to the viscous Birichino Malvasia Bianca, from Alex Krause and John Locke. Rounding out this offering is a Verdelho Blend from Le P'tit Paysan.

Unfortunately, the Chanin Grüner Veltliner shown here is no longer available. As a delicious substitute, our Chefs have replaced it with the 2017 Brick & Mortar Chenin Blanc.

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Collection includes 6 x 500 mL bottles (2/3 of a standard-size wine bottle) featuring the following wines:
  • 2016 Le P'tit Paysan Chardonnay: In his second Chardonnay with us, Ian Brand felt that he could craft a chardonnay with bigger flavors and lower alcohol—much like Chablis, the gold-standard Chardonnay. So Ian divided the grape juice into two lots and made them as separate wines—one to highlight fruit flavors, the other to accentuate minerality—before blending them together. The resulting Le P’tit Paysan Chardonnay is, as Ian says, just like a Chardonnay from France’s Chablis region. The wine’s crispness, fruitiness and mineral notes are the antithesis of oaky, buttery California Chardonnay.
  • 2017 Le P'tit Paysan Verdelho blend: Le P’tit Paysan White is a Portuguese wine in disguise, “with a California-sunshine polish to it,” Ian Brand says. He has made more wines with Blue Apron than anyone else, and this white epitomizes why. Nerdiness, obsession or a combination of the two drove Ian to study the soil and climate of the few California vineyards that grow Verdelho and Albariño (grape varieties from Portugal and Spain, respectively). He discovered it is possible to make a wine as delicious as any from the Iberian Peninsula—and that’s delightful with our light, aromatic dishes. This wine is a blend of 90% Verdelho and 10% Albariño.
  • 2017 Tendu Vermentino: Steve Matthiasson has a champion’s pedigree: He put in time at Napa luminaries Stag’s Leap, Spottswoode and Araujo, then went on to be named Winemaker of the Year by both the San Francisco Chronicle and Food & Wine for his high-end, low-production reds and whites. His label Tendu, a French play on “tension” (winemaker lingo for “juicy”), focuses on overlooked vineyards. Steve found one he could use to make a Vermentino as bright and delicious as any from Italy. Tendu Vermentino is a classically styled version of Italy’s refreshing white wines from the island of Sardinia, but with a California attitude.
  • 2017 Birichino Malvasia Bianca: Alex Krause and John Locke, who trained under famous and famously eccentric winemaker Randall Grahm (California’s original wine maverick), were asked to make a Malvasia intended for the Canadian market. Their convention-bucking Birichino—Italian for “naughty” or “mischievous”—became a hit on both sides of the border for its unrestrained aromatic intensity. Birichino Malvasia Bianca is very perfumy, the rambunctious cousin of a Malvasia from northern Italy’s Friuli region. The wine also has a viscous feel similar to that of wines from France’s Alsace region.
  • 2017 Brick & Mortar Chenin Blanc: Engineer–turned–wine-geek Matt Iaconis is all about precision. So when he told us that Lodi has one of California’s best spots for Chenin Blanc—not a common belief—we listened. Matt found vines that, according to his measurements, thrive in a small area that’s warmer by day and cooler at night than the rest of Lodi. This results in a crisp, zesty Chenin Blanc akin to those from France’s Loire Valley. “The wine speaks of California in an Old World sense,” Matt says.
  • 2016 Chanin Riesling: Chanin Riesling is similar in style to the fruity Rieslings found in Austria, but with fuller flavors from the sunny California growing season. The wine also has a smoother feel from partial oak aging. Gavin Chanin achieved star status with his Pinot Noirs, but Gavin has no taste for complacency-- he was eager to try his hand at this, his very first Riesling—and prove he could turn any variety into a wine that’s delicious with dinner.

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