Essential Dinner Pairings - Multipack - 3 pack, 500ml size

Essential Dinner Pairings - Multipack - 3 pack, 500ml size

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Whether you’re in the mood for eating something light, heavy, or in-between, this three-bottle bundle covers all your bases. It includes versatile reds from popular pairing keys—light and bright, fruity and savory, bold and spicy—which makes it perfect for pairing with a variety of foods.

The 2017 Lusu Cellars Carignan is a medium-bodied wine with notes of herbs and red berries that make it incredibly versatile and perfect for pairing with everything from red meat to Mexican food. The 2017 Leaf and Vine Zinfandel/Petite Sirah is a rich, full-bodied wine that balances notes of dark fruits and spices with bright acidity, and pairs well with meats such as lamb. Lastly, the 2016 Le P'tit Paysan "2.0" Cabernet Sauvignon is a pert, Old World-style cab with notes of black currant, earth, and dried herbs.

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Unfortunately, the 2015 Château Pilet Bordeaux shown here is no longer available. As a delicious substitute, our Chefs have replaced it with the 2017 Leaf and Vine Zinfandel/Petite Sirah.

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Collection includes 3 x 500 mL bottles (2/3 of a standard-size wine bottle) featuring the following wines:
  • 2017 Lusu Cellars Carignan: David Teixeira grew up in a winemaking family, picking grapes with his relatives. All that early experience taught him that some of California’s best vineyards aren’t in prestigious regions—and not to fear Carignan. It often yields a hard-edged, tannic wine, but with attentive farming and careful handling you get a juicy, complex red that’s incredible when served with almost any dish. David’s mastery of Carignan has made him one of California’s most celebrated young winemakers.
  • 2017 Leaf and Vine Zinfandel/Petite Sirah: Tim Keith is always pursuing bigger and better things—impressive given that he’s on his own at Leaf and Vine. Tim does every job, from hauling truckloads of grapes to pouring samples in his tasting room. You’d think there’d be no time for examination. Still, even though the 2016 vintage of this wine was anything but shy, he felt he couldn’t exercise a shred of restraint in 2017. “This year,” Tim says, “it’s a full-throttle wine.” Subtlety is so overrated. The wine is a blend of 55% Zinfandel and 45% Petite Sirah.
  • 2016 Le P'tit Paysan "2.0" Cabernet Sauvignon: Wine maverick Ian Brand is a house favorite, this being his fifth Blue Apron collaboration. He’s made a career of going his own way, making incredible wines from grapes grown in unconventional locales. True to form, Ian crafted this Cabernet from two regions almost no one associates with the variety. The result is a red that’s a little bit Old World, a little bit Disco Era and altogether classic. That’s why you can enjoy this wine now, or in a few years—and then fall in love with it.

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